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(512) 970-8838  2 Locations - Lake Travis & WAYA 


Help your child build self-esteem and coordination and set them up for a lifetime of fitness in the ChampionsTX program! Learn how to positively coach your child through various skills as they develop strength, gross & fine motor skills, and body awareness. Beginning at 15 months they will develop strength and skills to continue on to any sport. 


Gymnastics progresses from Mommy and me, Tikes through to the competitive program. At Intermediate Level, students may stay on the class track or may become eligible to join one of the Show Teams. If you are unsure of your child’s skill level, email us! Skills are broken down into progressions making it easier for students to master skills on all equipment. Classes and teams are split into groups by age/ability for a customized workout and low coach to student ratio. Your champion will learn exciting new skills and have fun with their peers. The sky’s the limit in ChampionsTX Gymnastics and so is the fun!


WADDLERS: Ages Walking to 3 Years (45 min)

1 to 3.5 years – During this time of discovery, your child will develop gross motor function, spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination in a fun, positive environment. Waddlers will learn basic positions, rolls, jumps and more. This class will provide parents with instruction on how to engage their children in basic gymnastics skills designed to enhance your child’s motor, listening, and social skills through fun gymnastics oriented activities. Smaller equipment allows our tykes to develop skill and strength. The children will learn valuable socialization skills, independence, and how to take turns which will improve developing attention spans.  In addition to the development of fine and gross motor skills, this is a fun way for your little one to interact both with you and other Waddlers!  You’ll be surprised at the gymnastics your little waddler can already do, in this class for children up to 2 and a half. *Waddlers must be able to walk on their own. An adult is required to accompany each child throughout this 45-minute class.


3-4 Yrs - This class has a smaller ratio than our regular preschool classes. Transitioning from a class with their big person to independent can take time and encouragement. This class continues with the gymnastics curriculum while focusing on the independence of doing a class all on their own. 

TIKES  (45 min) 

3-5 Yrs - Children will begin playground readiness in addition to learning body positions while building strength and coordination. Bars begin to build hand strength for better handwriting, beam helps focus and balance, floor helps students become aware of their surroundings and body and vault builds running and falling technique. Any student interested in any sport can gain an advantage from starting in gymnastics. 

BEGINNER GYMNASTICS: Ages K to 5th Grade (55 min) 

K-5THThe perfect class for a child working basic gymnastics skills like rolls, cartwheels, handstands, backbends, and kickovers! Rotates through floor, vault, bars, beam, and trampoline, learning the FUNdamentals of gymnastics! Your child will rotate through four stations including tumbling on the floor and trampoline, vault, bars, and balance beam. Your champion will master the basics of gymnastics and learn exciting new skills.

INTERMEDIATE GYMNASTICS:  Ages K to 5th Grade (55 min) 

K-5TH The perfect class for a child who is working gymnastics skills like back-handsprings on floor and mill circles on bars! Rotates through floor, vault, bars, balance beam, and trampoline. Your champion will continue to master the fundamentals of gymnastics, learn new and exciting skills, learn the technique of leaps and turns.


ChampionsTX is proud to be one of the few gyms is Central Texas to offer a true exhibition team program.

Gymnastics Show Teams are for athletes who love gymnastics, desire more advanced skills and longer workouts, and want to perform in front of audiences, and are willing and able to commit to a team. These exhibition Show Teams provide girls with an opportunity to showcase gymnastics skills in a different, fun, exciting way. Each team is built with age, ability, and friends in mind.  Show Teams are also a fraction of the financial and time commitment of competitive teams.   All teams are invitation only.

Each exhibition team has their own group floor routine that is performed at exhibitions.  These routines are done to music and are choreographed to include tumbling, acrobatic partner work, and gymnastics dance elements.  These routines are fun and exciting to watch!  The number of performances increases with the team level, and are a wonderful way to increase the athlete’s confidence and team spirit!  During practices, the exhibition teams practice this routine and get to work on all of the events:  floor, vault, bars, and beam.


The whole year the coaches keep an eye on the teams and classes while they are coaching to see who they think would do well on a team. While most team kids come from previous teams or classes at Champions, it is not required.  Once you receive your invitation, remember to respond promptly so you don’t lose your spot..

What do the Champions coaches look for when picking team members?

  • Must be going into Kindergarten or higher next year.

  • Hard worker

  • A Good Attitude and Good Teammate