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(512) 970-8838  2 Locations - Lake Travis & WAYA 


Over the years, these athletes develop serious muscle tone, motor control, and coordination.  

Come watch an action-packed workout at ChampionsTX and discover why so many Champions go on to be some of the most coordinated athletes at school. (One of our alumni, Win Scott, doing a Tantrum Back-Flip on the wake-board.) The coordination he learned at ChampionsTX sent him on to play two varsity sports simultaneously in high school, and his flipping skills are always at work on the wakeboard, snowboard, diving board, and lacrosse field.

Bonus–Gymnastics, Tumbling, Trampoline, and Parkour build more than just coordination; it builds confidence, drive, endurance, muscle strength, and core concepts like teamwork and sportsmanship.


Tumbling classes use progression based teaching to introduce and continue to teach skills. From cartwheels and forward rolls to connecting back handsprings and flips athletes can continue to improve at any level. 

Tumbling classes can benefit gymnasts, cheerleaders, parkour athletes and anyone who is interested in tumbling.