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(512) 970-8838  2 Locations - Lake Travis & WAYA 

Xcel Gymnastics Team

ChampionsTx Waya is so excited to start this competitive program.

Our Lake Travis gym has extremely high-level competitive gymnasts that love

the competitive side of this fabulous sport!


We are thrilled to have hired a highly trained and experienced new head coach, Sophia Solum.

She grew up as a gymnast since the age of 3, and has competed for many years.

She also has run competitive Xcel programs as well as many other management and coaching positions.  Welcome Sophia! We are excited to have you as part of our Champions Family!


Xcel gymnastics begins competition at level Bronze and goes up to level Diamond.

These levels are determined by skill requirements that are set for each event. 

Xcel gymnastics is designed to allow athletes to construct routines best suited for the gymnast, as long as certain elements are included. Bronze Skill Requirements: Vault: Handstand flat back. Bars: Pull-over, Back hip circle, and a Sole circle. Beam: Lever, pivot turn, straight jump, side Handstand. Floor: Roundoff Backward roll, Back walkover/Handstand Straight arm forward roll, Leap with a straight jump connected, and a half turn. 


Silver Skill Requirements: Vault: Front Handspring over a sideways mat. Bars: Glide swing, Pull-over, Back hip circle/Front hip circle/Mill circle, and a Squat on. Beam: Handstand, Half turn, Straight & Split jump, Side Handstand. Floor: Roundoff Backhandspring/Back Flip, Fronthandspring/Front Flip/Aerial, Leap with a Split jump connected, and a Full turn.

The gymnast will compete these routines at competitions selected by the coach.

Their routines will be judged based on skill, execution, amplitude, presentation and form.

The gymnasts starting score will be a 10.0 if she fulfills all requirements. 

Form deductions would come from bent legs or arms, flexed feet, head position and height of skill performed if height is required, leg separation, etc. The coach can fill out a score inquiry form to receive information from the judge about a specific deduction, the coach may not receive a copy of the judges scoring notes. 

Competition allows the gymnast to show her hard work and discover what she could improve on. It also gives the gymnast the opportunity to be awarded and ranked based on her scores.